Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Will the SOTU be a STFU?


To characterise this year's State of the Union address as President George W Bush's "don't mention the war" speech would be a little unfair.

Really? I wonder why?

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Bush addressing the domestic side of his agenda:

Health care and tax breaks for rich people. Tax the lazy poor people. Screw the environment. Be afraid cuz ferringers are bad. Drilling for oil in Alaska, by the way caribou is delicious. Iraq has to be a success cuz you're dealing with mah legacy here! Immigration reform by shooting illegals at the border and building a big wall like East Germany did. Deficits show our economy is healthy! What war with Iran? Why does Pelosi's eyes burn mah back? Damn that woman! Demrats better work with me cuz I'm the Escalator Decider guy!

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