Thursday, March 26, 2015

Whales, net neutrality, Mr. Rogers, and irradiated green tea.

Pacific whales are moving to the Atlantic. Climate change is slowing ocean currents.  An excellent discussion with megadrought scientists.  Costa Rica shows us how to do it.

Kochs buying the ability to pollute the planet at will.

Net Neutrality is still under attack.

How other countries view the US gun laws.

Why does the GOP want a war with Iran?

Radiation found in Japanese green tea.

Proof that playing D&D is not the cause of modern juvenile delinquency.

The wonderful Mr. Rogers.

Manly methods of dealing with bears, lightning, ice, and other manly threats.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Lost and found

A lost Sherlock Holmes story is found in an attic.

Kepler 186f... an earth we can move to when we eff this one up.

Speaking of which... the Amazon trees are dying and not dealing with as much carbon as they used to.  Didn't we call the Amazon forest the lungs of the world?  Maybe France will save us from ourselves.

Paul Krugman and his threateningly dangerous statements of truth about Republicans.

Women are scary things and shouldn't be given too much power.

Do it yourself health insurance.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mars and Ikea sitting in a tree


More proof that Mars had water... LOTS of water. OCEANS of water.  And a lot of it was lost to space.  Which is where our water is going if we keep on heating it.

We're going to check out Ceres and see if those lights were somebody's car....

The dumbest and the smartest presidents.

Medieval woman buried near where Richard III was found.

Stephen Hawkings upsets some Israelis by shunning science conference because of their treatment of Palestinian academics.

Booman on the Republicans cutting defense spending.

Plastics are harming us.  And food additives are too.

Ikea furniture will soon be able to charge our phones.