Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Red fish, blue fish, vote as you wish


Republicans have been running a scam for 60 years. They bitch about everything, but they don't/won't DO anything. They are do-nothings. They go into politics to do nothing. Their solution for everything is to cut taxes for the rich and to take away your rights and benefits. If you are looking for profound ideas on healthcare, education, the economy, climate change, or social issues, forget it. You won't get any solutions from Republicans. Period.
Do you really think crime is up? It is bad, but it isn't nearly as bad as it used to be. There were 2200 murders in New York City in 1990; there were less than 300 murders in NYC pre-COVID. There were over 1800 murders in Los angles in 1992; there were 371 murders in 2021. Chicago recorded 970 murders way back in 1974; there were half as many murders pre-COVID. And though homicides in Chicago were up over the last couple of years, they are down 20% this year. However, cable news, social media, and Republican candidates would have you believe that crime is worse than ever. They need you to believe that so you will tune in to their daily exercise in doom and gloom. When a prominent Republican was asked if he had any solutions for crime, he pondered for a while and then said he'd cut taxes for the rich. SMH.
I hope you all get out and vote. If your favorite politician doesn't win, or if the politician you hate the most wins by a landslide, you just got to suck it up and come out swinging in 2024. I have come to realize that no matter who is in office, things don't really change that much for me. My life is mostly determined by what I do. If you are waiting for politicians in City Hall, the State House, or Washington DC. to decide what is best for you and your community, you will be vastly disappointed.
I'm voting Democrat, not because I like Democrats. I don't. But because Republicans have proven themselves to be lying, mean-spirited, scheming, scamming, nonsensical mofos, who are teetering toward fascism, and who will do nothing at every opportunity.