Sunday, August 19, 2018

Self-Managed Abortion Care Becomes Urgent as Threats to Roe v. Wade Mount

Truthout has the article.

We will hold them accountable.

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They will not be able to claim they were against Trump all along.  They were there. They said nothing.  They voted in support of his ideas.  They are culpable

To quote from the Man for All Seasons:

Cromwell: But, gentlemen of the jury, there are many kinds of silence. Consider first the silence of a man who is dead. Let us suppose we go into the room where he is laid out, and we listen: what do we hear? Silence. What does it betoken, this silence? Nothing; this is silence pure and simple. But let us take another case. Suppose I were to take a dagger from my sleeve and make to kill the prisoner with it; and my lordships there, instead of crying out for me to stop, maintained their silence. That would betoken! It would betoken a willingness that I should do it, and under the law, they will be guilty with me. So silence can, according to the circumstances, speak!