Friday, January 26, 2007

ABC/ Disney running the unedited 9/11 film on Fox

The creakier and wobblier the Bush house of cards gets, the louder and angrier his supporters become...

By Eric Kleefeld of TPM Cafe:
Great Moments In Fox News Dept.... Fox News has announced on the air that they are planning to run the fictitious scene that was cut from ABC's 9/11 special this weekend. This is big news: Remember, that's the fictious scene about how the Clinton administration allegedly let Osama Bin Laden get away — the one that sparked a massive, days-long battle between ABC and Clinton and his defenders that resulted in ABC editing out the scene. You can see Fox's announcement of this on our You Tube below. Amusingly enough, the ad for this upcoming segment was preceded by their usual "You Decide" ad attesting to Fox's self-proclaimed objectivity. To watch the two ads, click here. (Editor's note: These ads actually did run as shown, one after the other.)

Look at the headers of the posts at Americablog:

FOX to broadcast false 9/11 story from Disney/ABC's fake documentary - Disney/ABC refuse to assert their copyright, YouTube illegally broadcasts video

ABC Entertainment president personally attacks Sandy Berger, says error-riddled "Path to 9/11" was totally true

President Clinton contacting head of Disney over rekindled "Path to 9/11" controversy

I guess the neocons who planned out their glorious 21st century reich for America didn't expect us to fight back or mind so much when our country was hijacked into the ditch....kinda like what didn't happen in Iraq. No flowers and candy from angry American citizens.

We want the truth, not this pre-digested rewriting of history propaganda.

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