Friday, January 26, 2007

And just to show you we will never forget, Ohio's votes were stolen in 2004.

Steve Bates:

Fascinating... they may have done it, not to steal the election, but to save the county money, or to save themselves trouble. To this sorry condition our democracy has descended. Actually, though, I do not believe money was the only issue. Why? Read on...

The always essential has much more on this incident and the recent convictions. There's no one "money quote" in their article; I'll just note three significant but unrelated points:

  • The officials were caught red-handed... videotaped explaining how their nonrandom selection worked,
  • The ballots arrived for the process presorted into Bush and Kerry stacks (oh, yeah, that's random),
  • The audit proposed in the Holt bill would probably not have caught this "hack-and-stack" fraud.

We may never know who actually won the 2004 presidential election. But from all the evidence one can find at, there can be little doubt there were multiple instances of fraud. America can either address these issues, or stop pretending to be a democracy. Which will it be?

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