Monday, January 29, 2007

Everyone involved will need therapy

Peterborough, England (AHN) - A stray cat had his head stuck in a jar after he tried to pull a mouse out of a jam jar in Peterborough, England.

A motorist sought police assistance after finding the cat wandering beside a road, with the jar on its head and the mouse a few millimeters from its mouth.

Officers at the Thorpe Wood police station said the incident reminds them of the cartoon, the "Tom and Jerry show."

But, the three officers and one receptionist who responded to the call were not able to free the animal when they tried twisting its head from the jar. The cat eventually freed itself by smashing the jar on the floor.

A police spokeswoman said, "It was like a scene from 'Tom and Jerry.' I don't think anyone had ever seen anything like it before. The mouse ran off, it's still running around Thorpe Wood police station somewhere."

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