Monday, September 19, 2022

Reject GOP Fascism. Do not follow the lies of the Cult.


There are 14 points defining fascism according to Dr. Lawrence Britt: 1) near fanaticism with nationalism, 2) disdain for an individual’s human rights, 3) identification of enemies, i.e. black or brown people, 4) supremacy of the military, 5) rampant sexism, 6) attempted control of mass media, 7) obsession with security, i.e. walls, 8) church and state co-mingled, 9) protection of corporations, 10) suppression of labor unions, 11) no respect for the arts or intellectuals, 12) obsession with crime and punishment, 13) widespread corruption and cronyism, and 14) fraudulent elections.

Sound familiar? All we can do is Vote, Vote, Vote.