Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wearing US army uniforms, speaking English and driving an armed escort caravan

Militants gained entrance into an US compound and took 5 soldiers hostage, killing them later 25 miles away.

of Firedoglake tells us how the story first was told and then how the truth came out:

Last week, following one of the worst days in Iraq for US casualties, a group of armed men dressed in US Army uniforms, some of them speaking English, drove an armed escort official-looking caravan into a compound in Karbala in which US civil affairs officials were meeting with Iraqis officals about security arrangements. As soon as they gained unimpeded entrance to the compound the men began shooting American troops and tossing grenades. At least five US troops were killed "repelling the attack," according to the first reports.

The initial reports focused not only on the tragic death of five more Americans but also on the audacity of the attack. In the past, we'd seen stories of attackers dressed in Iraqi uniforms (with the likelihood they really were members of sectarian militia within the Iraqi security forces), but I don't recall attackers using US uniforms, carrying US weapons and speaking English. Larry Johnson discusses the ominous implications of this new development in a post at TPM.

The original version of the story claimed that the US soldiers had been killed repelling the attackers, implying that their deaths had occurred at the site of the initial attack. But yesterday's revised version from AP disclosed that the orginal version was false. The US command now reveals that four of the soldiers were actually captured by attackers, who then escaped and drove some 25 miles away, where they executed the Americans with shots to the head. By the time Iraq/US troops arrived at that scene, three of the four Americans were dead and the fourth died from his wounds on the way to a hospital. He too had been shot in the head at close range.

So tell us again. Who are we asking to stand up so we can stand down? Who are we training? Which faction are we supporting? Who are we supposed to trust? Why are we there?


¡El Gato Negro! said...

I am no foreign policy expert, but as regards the American position een Iraq, I theenk eet can be summed up thusly:

Trust no one, sell arms to everyone.

Es verdad, no?


ellroon said...

Exactly. Perhaps Bush's Iraqi plan is if we flood the area with weaponry, they will all kill themselves...

I was making a joke, but the hair on my head just went up....