Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sent deliberately into harm's way and no one is listening

Taylor Marsh gets emails from soldiers and their families. Here's a stunner:

First, I want to thank you for doing what you do and voicing your opinion when it may not have been popular. I am writing to you as I have come across your website in researching Iraq. My fiance is a Blackhawk pilot currently serving in Iraq. He is not a Bush supporter nor a Republican, rather a West Point grad who is serving his time until he can get out of the Army. Recently, whenever we talk the discussion always leads to death. He is convinced that the leadership there (and in D.C.) is so horrible that he is put into harms way even more than necessary, considering he is already in danger by simply being in Iraq. If the weather conditions are poor, and this is brought to the commanders attention, the soldiers are called "pussies" and told to get out there. Our government tells me to write a letter expressing my concerns to the politicians. I have received a generic response from Clinton and none from Rep Jim Walsh or from Schumer. As my fiance says, everyone supports the troops, but no one is willing to bring them home. I want to know who will listen to our concerns? Who is going to take responsibility for taking my fiance away from me for a year and putting his life in danger?

Thank You,

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