Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Spocko's stand against hate speech spreads

UPI has it.

USA Today has it.

Online Blogintegrity keeps track.

(I've misspelled Lee Rodgers name in my posts, I'm sure he minds. Going to correct them.)


Spocko said...

Sure UP and USA Today are doing the story... NOW. But you, Ellroon were onto the story back in 2005!

And your readership (on of the original 19) kept me going so that I can talk to the new readers. But I cherished and continue to appreciate your readership.

Your fan,
Mr. Spocko
P.S. Note how the UPI story goes into total allegedly this and purportedly that mode? Oh and on the USA today site the wingnuts are really pushing a different frame up the hill. Check 'em out.

ellroon said...

You go, Spocko! We've got your back!