Friday, January 26, 2007

No time for that cup of coffee?

Have a caffeinated doughnut!

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They could really save us time if they just blenderized all our food and put it into little IVs that we attach in the morning.... we could work through meals!


Anonymous said...

My mom was in a nursing home. I'm glad the old gal had good teeth because, trust me, you do not want the mechanically soft diet. Comes in two flavors, green and yellow.

Steve Bates said...

Decades ago, food author Adelle Davis used to say that it would be possible to cram every necessary element of the human diet into a pill... if the pill were as big as a baseball. I've eaten a baseball a couple of times in my childhood because my glove skills were so lousy, but I don't think I'd do so voluntarily.

ellroon said...

Didn't the 60s astronauts have those tubes of goo that were food? Was thinking more on the line of opaque tubes so you wouldn't have to see the coloring.

Sorry about your mom, Sorghum Crow. Dealing with my MIL right now, care being given at her home. Don't know how much more we can do before a nursing home has to be discussed.

Steve, I do hope you kept your teeth in the baseball encounters, considering the warning Sorghum gave us!

Although not baseball sized, I believe we are taking much more than we need in pill form, some article somewhere was discussing the amount of vitamins and proteins that were showing up in the ocean...