Saturday, February 05, 2022

Legitimate political discourse always involves hanging


"In other words, Trump knew at some point in November that he had lost—and all of his efforts to stay in office after that date were an effort to further an attempted self-coup, with the attack on the Capitol being the culmination of that self-coup. And yet, the RNC insults our intelligence by insisting that this this was “legitimate political discourse.” What nerve!

Apparently the RNC would also have us believe that when Republican lawmakers maintained their objections even after order was restored, they were engaging in “legitimate political discourse.” Well, Republican strategist Scott Jennings would disagree. Two days after that horror, Jennings asked, “Once the Capitol had been occupied, how can you give quarter to the viewpoint that caused the occupation?” Jennings may have posed that question to Sen. Josh Hawley, but that applies in equal measure to the RNC as well.

We’ve known for some time that McDaniel has sold her soul to Trump. Well, any doubt this was the case was erased when she tried to distance herself and the RNC from the violence of Jan. 6. But in so doing, she only proved that she is the morally bankrupt chairwoman of a morally bankrupt party."