Thursday, January 25, 2007

Condi as VP?

Cheney will develop this weird health problem.... sleepanappia or something and have to retire:
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Comedy Central Insider:

The CC Insider/InDecider has just heard more rumors (see earlier posts) from a SECOND reliable source that Dick Cheney will be stepping down as Vice President and will be replaced as Vice President by Condoleezza Rice. And now we're hearing that she would like to be on the ticket as the GOP VP candidate in '08.

According to our rumor-meister, John Negroponte will be filling Condi's current position as Secretary of State. Negroponte is currently the Director of National Intelligence (the first person ever to hold the few-years-old position) and the former US Ambassador to Iraq.

As we know, Bush and Condi get along soooo well:

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Anonymous said...

He may resign to spend more time with his collection of vintage Sgt.Rock comic books.

Anonymous said...

that was me.

ellroon said...

And I'm sure Cheney has little army men all over his pjs too....

Steve Bates said...

But... but... would it work for someone to be Vice President to her own "husband"?

Whoever started that rumor surely has a big grin on his or her face right about now.

ellroon said...

Condi did it in front of a table full of guests:
"One thing is certain. Through all the troubled times ahead, Rice will always appear calm. She has good reason to feel safe and secure for she has the unquestioned support of the only man who matters: Bush. When last year she referred to Bush as 'my husband' it was a Freudian slip that reflected how close Rice and the Bush clan have become. When it comes to Rice, the little girl from Birmingham who now bestrides the world stage, she really is part of the family.",12271,1391579,00.html
and then scandal maven Wonkette: