Monday, January 29, 2007

Animal terrorists attack again!

JUNEAU, Alaska -- About 10,000 Juneau residents briefly lost power after a bald eagle lugging a deer head crashed into transmission lines.

"You have to live in Alaska to have this kind of outage scenario," said Gayle Wood, an Alaska Electric Light & Power spokeswoman. "This is the story of the overly ambitious eagle who evidently found a deer head in the landfill."

The bird, weighed down by the deer head, apparently failed to clear the transmission lines, she said. A repair crew found the eagle dead, the deer head nearby.

The power was out for less than 45 minutes Sunday.


Anonymous said...

But how can they be sure it wasn't a flying deer head carrying an eagle...

Anonymous said...

Darn blogger. That was me.

ellroon said...

HA! See? When we don't have enough information, conspiracy theories boil up!

Maybe the flying deer and the eagle had a fight midair? Or...*gasp* worse yet, maybe the flying deer was Santa's!!

New headline: Santa under terrorist attack from eagle militia! Film at 11!