Saturday, February 29, 2020

Conspiracy theory? Or hysterical overthinking?

I have a conspiracy theory I want to run by you guys. HHS (Health and Human Services) helped the re-entry of the evacuated Princess Cruise ship Americans to the US. HHS workers were not given much protection (masks and gear) although the CDC workers were covered properly. No one told the HHS workers the protocol for dealing with a quarantine situation. A whistle-blower exposed this to the news.
HHS also works with the amnesty seekers at the border. If an undocumented worker/ amnesty seeker/ immigrant comes down with the coronavirus via the unprotected HHS workers, this would work to Trump's advantage. He would be able to proclaim that the immigrants were bringing diseases over the border and we can blame them for almost causing a pandemic. Only Trump and his marvelous wonderful uge bigly wall has saved us. (/s obviously)