Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spocko writes letters, Thersites takes wingnutty response apart

It occurred to me that some KSFO advertisers might not know how to respond to our letters. I'm sure some are shell shocked by the standard right-wing AstroTurf email campaigns. A thoughtful letter from one of us has a better chance of encouraging them to check out the situation at KSFO for themselves. And when they do, I believe they will be unhappy with what they hear. And whether they decide to stay or go, they will still need to convey that decision back to the letter writer and the station. To help them out, I'll give them some examples of letters from advertisers who have left KSFO and later some who have chosen to stay.

Thersites takes apart the wingnut counter-attack (my bold):
The substance of Spocko's complaints are to do with crazy crap like raving about killing millions of Indonesians and hooking testicles up to battery cables. Nobody gives a rat's ass if KSFO wants to be "conservative." The problem is the psychotic burbling.

Anyway, there's no such thing as the "Liberal Media." But since this is a central tenet of the Wingnut Faith, there's no point in debating it. What is more to the point is that Sheppard is trying his damnedest to distract from the issues at hand, that is, what the KSFO hosts actually said, the right of advertisers to know what they're paying for -- and the legitimacy and downright creepiness of KSFO and its parent companies slapping Spocko with a bogus legal threat.

It's also funny how Sheppard wants to paint Spocko as "an anonymous coward," a nonentity whose campaign has had no effect... but also as a Terrible Threat. You know, Mike Stark wouldn't have gotten involved in this, and neither probably would have we here at OBI to the extent that we have, if KSFO and ABC and Disney hadn't sent out that threat and gotten Spocko kicked off his ISP. I find it hard to believe that they would have done that if Spocko wasn't having any effect. Unless, of course, they are the real cowards in this affair. Could be!

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