Sunday, June 10, 2007

This is what you get when you privatize parts of the military

You get bogged down bureaucratic snafus that threaten lives:

The body armor that West Seneca’s American Legion Post 735 bought for Marines in Iraq is gathering dust somewhere in dusty Anbar province, thanks to Marine Corps orders preventing its use.

And the local Legionnaires who spent nearly $6,000 for the state-of-the- art protective gear are none too happy about it.

“It’s asinine,” said Mark McMahon, whose purchase of the body armor for his son and two of his buddies prompted the Legion post to buy 20 sets for the West Seneca Marine’s entire unit.

“That body armor that’s sitting around somewhere could possibly save someone from serious injury or save a life,” said Charles “Phil” Kordos, the post commander.

Is this why they can't use the Spartan body armor?

Back on September 25, 2006, DefenseLINK announced that Protective Products International in Sunrise, FL had won a $33.6 million firm-fixed-price contract for 60,000 Modular Tactical Vests (MTVs) with associated training. The MTV is the US Marines' latest body armor vest, replacing the Interceptor OTV. Now Marine Times reports that Commandant Gen. Mike Hagee gave the new vest final approval on October 19.

Marines will start wearing it in February 2007, though it's reportedly only an interim solution over the next 3-4 years. It is a pound heavier than the Interceptor, but reportedly distributes its weight better and adds improved side protection.
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Steve Bates said...

Slightly OT, this story about Blackwater suing the families of dead employees to stop them from telling their stories seems like your kind of story, ellroon. (I'm too exhausted to blog on anything tonight and possibly tomorrow, but I think this story deserves attention. It's yours if you want it.)

ellroon said...

Thanks, will do.