Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More proof that squirrels are plotting terroristic terrorism stuff!!

Be afraid!

More animals in Germany go ... bonkers:

BERLIN, Germany (AP) -- An unusually aggressive squirrel attacked three people in a German town before its last victim finished it off with a crutch, police said Wednesday.

The rodent jumped through a living-room window in Passau, on the Austrian border, on Tuesday and bit its first victim. With the squirrel hanging on by its teeth, the woman ran out into the street, where she managed to shake the animal off.

The squirrel then bit a builder before fleeing into a nearby garden, where it bit a 72-year-old man who eventually killed it with his crutch, police said.

The dead animal was to be tested for rabies.

Germany is obviously the first strike area by super rats , raccoons, and now squirrels. Expect invasion by a small fur military any day now. They are expecting flowers and candy.

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Update: obviously I was so concerned about the squirrels I didn't read the rest of the report:
Separately Wednesday, Berlin commuters found themselves sharing the road with escapees from a local zoo -- six horses, three camels, two goats and a llama.

The animals escaped from a small petting zoo in the east of the capital and appeared shortly before 7 a.m. (0500 GMT) at a busy roundabout a few hundred meters (yards) away, police said.

The animals' excursion, which led to minor disruption but no injuries, was ended swiftly. The horses were caught in a nearby park and the llama at a cemetery, police said. Their comrades also were apprehended.

It was not immediately clear how the animals escaped.

A jail break on top of all the rest! They need to Gitmo those animals NOW!! What do they know and .... how do they know it!!


Anonymous said...

I figure the squirrel created a diversion so the others could escape.

ellroon said...

Dear god! Their moves are getting more coordinated by the minute! I didn't know they made cell phones that small...

Sorghum Crow said...

I knew you'd be on this story.

ellroon said...

I'm on to it! They'll get my tomatoes and apricots over my dead body... well...

over my carefully padded and armed body... with a net on a pole and an cattle prod... and one of those taser things...

(And Bryan alerted me to this new chapter of this nefariousness.)