Saturday, June 23, 2007

Finally a clear view of what Christianists think

When they think of liberals. We need apparently to repent of our 'selfish and narcissistic' lives as we get blamed for causing our own breast cancer by having multiple and carefree abortions.

What the hell is a selfish and narcissistic life? One who loves children who are here and recognizes the needs of the living sadly and necessarily overrides the functions of the womb? One who is comfortable with their sexuality and recognizes love comes in a multitude of forms? One who thinks of others and how to help? One who respects the planet and its future and does not look forward to the world ending in an horrific division of them and us? One who recognizes the rule of law is to protect individuals not corporations? That torture debases us along with destroying others? That the phrase God is Love includes everyone without exceptions?

I really don't think Jesus would recognize these people .


Steve Bates said...

I'm not Christian, so feel free to scoff at my opinion... but from what I've read of Jesus, I think Jesus WOULD recognize these people... and the various names he might choose to apply to them would not please them at all. At the end, Jesus forgave them their murderous ignorance, and I suppose it would be nice if I could do the same now, but... did I mention that I am not Christian?

As I look around me, I see many causes for our society's egregious problems. But I am not a cause. You are not a cause. People who enjoy sex in all its (consensual, nonviolent) forms are not a cause. People who love people (forgive me if I sound like that evil liberal Barbra Streisand) are not a cause.

OTOH, people who blame people, especially people who blame victims, are IMHO operating far outside Jesus' mandates. In many cases, they ARE a cause.

I admit it's been a long time since I've read a bible, but I don't remember Jesus ever saying "Blame the queers," or casting first stones. Tolerance and forgiveness were the center of the message then, and I get along just fine with Christians for whom that is the center of the message today.

Yes, I suppose there is some irony in a UU who urges self-proclaimed Christians to get to know Jesus...

ellroon said...

You are right as usual, Steve. Jesus would not recognize these people as followers of his faith, but he could tell they belonged with the money-changers and the others who misused religion to their own advantage.

What I find astonishing is how easily led some of the 'Christians' have been, led to hatred of others, hatred of tolerance, encouraged to consider themselves persecuted victims, encouraged to worship a personality rather than God. All the warnings that Jesus gave about false prophets etc. are illustrated in 3D right there.

As you said: "Tolerance and forgiveness were the center of the message then, and I get along just fine with Christians for whom that is the center of the message today." How can the Christianists call themselves religious when they haven't read the Bible?

Btw, nothing you've said is scoff worthy. Maybe some of your more outrageous puns....