Monday, June 18, 2007

The Rovian justice system

Toxic from the top down:
Christy Hardy Smith at Firedoglake on what it does to integrity, honesty, and the prosecutors:

As a prosecutor, the most valuable asset that you have in the courtroom and out of it is your reputation for honesty and integrity, and for upholding the rule of law in a fair and just manner. The Bush Administration tossed that aside for each and every decent attorney working in USAtty offices across this nation in a bid to gain some temporary political advantage is a craven example of how low a regard the Bushies have for any sort of standard of ethics. And how much emphasis they placed on loyalty to Bush Administration aims above all else, including to the nation as a whole.

Everything is subordinate to Rove’s math. Everything.

So every time you walk into a courtroom, you will want to ask: Was this judge, attorney general, lawyer hired by George W. Bush? Did (s)he keep her/his job during the Great Purge? What was done to do to keep it?

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