Monday, June 25, 2007

Canadians, before you brush your teeth

Check your toothpaste because it sounds as if the toxic stuff China sent to Central America has found its way to your shelves:

Guelph, ON (AHN) - Potentially tainted toothpaste may have been found on Canadian store shelves. Health Canada is testing the product and checking if it is linked to a recall in the U.S. involving counterfeit Colgate toothpaste found to contain an ingredient used in antifreeze.

The suspicious tube was found in a Guelph, Ontario dollar store. The packaging contained no French text, which is required on products sold in Canada, had spelling errors and said it was manufactured in South Africa.


Consumers are being warned to check for an eight-digit drug identification number, a natural product number or a homeopathic medicine number to verify product authenticity.

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Steve Bates said...

"This toothpaste," said Gertie from Guelph,
"Leaks antifreeze onto my shelph."
Diethylene glycol?
It wouldn't be my call...
I think I would toss it, myselph!

- SB the YDD

Of all the things our mothers told us not to put in our mouths, who knew that one day the ones they actually encouraged us to put in our mouths could be dangerous.

I was reading somewhere this morning about how China's diplomatic successes are shifting its position in the world for the better, compared to the U.S.'s belligerent stance. I couldn't help wondering if China's shipping of toxic foods and toothpaste might be a counterweight to all that smooth talk.

ellroon said...

Antifreeze in your toothpaste?
Don't throw it out in too much haste
Being high above the border
Toothpaste for your car is now in order....

Steve Bates said...