Thursday, June 21, 2007

What Bush and Cheney have been waiting for

Is about to come to fruition:

A draft oil law has been submitted to Iraq's parliament after the government and the Iraqi Kurdistan regional authority resolved differences on the sharing of the country's oil reserves, officials have said.

A spokesman for Iraq's oil minister said he expected politicians to begin debating the draft law in the next few days.

"A deal has been reached and the draft has been delivered to parliament to be discussed... in the coming days. An agreement has been reached covering all disputes," Asim Jihad said.

An official in the Kurdish regional government said an agreement had been made, but did not give further details.


The draft oil law is crucial in regulating how wealth from Iraq's huge oil reserves will be distributed between sectarian and ethnic groups.

Dividing up the loot....


Anonymous said...

Then the Cheney family moves to Dubai.

ellroon said...

And Bush runs off to Paraguay...

Steve Bates said...

Per whig's and ellroon's conclusion...

When all deplore these reprobates,
Then each of them absquatulates:
The Cheney family to Dubai,
And Bush runs off to Paraguay!

(Savoy chorus...)

And Bush runs off to Paraguay,
Absquatulates to Paraguay,
(To Paraguay, to Paraguay),
While Cheney hies him to Dubai,
Where all his wealth and riches lie,
(Yes, to Dubai, to old Dubai),
To Paraguay and old Dubai,
To Paraguay and old Dubai,
Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, Dubai,

(At this point, Sullivan returns from the grave to compose a merry madrigal. Insert it here.)


ellroon said...

ab·squat·u·late (b-skwch-lt)
intr.v. ab·squat·u·lat·ed, ab·squat·u·lat·ing, ab·squat·u·lates Midwestern & Western U.S.
a. To depart in a hurry; abscond: "Your horse has absquatulated!" Robert M. Bird.
b. To die.
2. To argue.
[Mock-Latinate formation, purporting to mean "to go off and squat elsewhere".]

I am the very model of a modern vicee president,
Known for obfuscations and the workings in befuddlement,
I know the shadow government and all the sneaky nations
Who let us mangle, torture and demand light compensations.....

Steve Bates said...

ellroon, you're hired: I'm going to let YOU write the MMG parody for '08; after doing one for each GOP presidential candidate from Dole to Bush 43, I'm ready to retire from that particular gig!

I first ran across "absquatulate" in either a Margaret Truman "Capital Crimes" mystery or an Elliott Roosevelt "Eleanor Roosevelt" mystery; I'm afraid I can't remember which... though I lean toward the latter. It was used in the sense of "abscond." If it's any comfort, at that time, I had to look it up, too.

ellroon said...

Write the MMG parodies? For EACH? Thanks, but I think I will absquatulate elsewhere...