Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dave Barry running for president

At least his speeches would be funny and coherent.

Q Dave, when you are on the final presidential campaign debate and you are debating up against Hillary, would you have a problem with hitting a lady?

Bethie, Longview, tx 6/20/07

A I would never physically strike any debate opponent. I would not, however, rule out water balloons.

Dave Barry 6/21/07

Oh, and by the way, Nader's thinking of running again:
Ralph Nader, the independent candidate blamed by many Americans for George Bush's election victory in 2000, says he is considering a run for the White House next year - even at the risk of dishing the Democrats again.

The left-of-centre Mr Nader, who made his name as a consumer rights campaigner, won only 2.74% of the national popular vote seven years ago. But his 97,448 tally in Florida is widely believed to have thwarted Democrat Al Gore, who lost the state - and the presidency - to Mr Bush by 537 votes.

We haven't forgotten, Ralph.


mapaghimagsik said...

Much rather have Barry than Nader. Perhaps he can get more money from the Republicans again.

ellroon said...

I agree. I'd rather laugh than grind my teeth...