Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We aren't the good guys anymore

We're the bad guys. And it isn't American. It may be Dick Cheney's new world vision, but it isn't ours.

From Glenn at Pax Americana:

We start wars now. We torture people. We suspend the rule of law. We do all the terrible things we once accused the Soviet Union of doing years ago. Back then is was the Soviets who would snatch people off the streets and imprison them in gulags without legal representation, without charges, without even notifying their families.

Now we're the nation that does that. We have, on so many fronts, become bad guys. Good guys don't do what Mr. Greenwald's article chronicles. Good guys don't do what Gen. Anthony Taguba documented in his report on the Abu Graib prison. That report was the subject of an arctile by Sy Hersh in this week's New Yorker. We have snatched people, put them in gulags, and tortured them — despite George Bush's denials to the contrary. Gen. Taguba's report — and Hersh's article — lift the veil that had been hiding what we were doing and who knew we were doing it prior to the publishing of those awful photos from the Iraqi prison.

We need to claim what was true about us again before it is lost forever.

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