Saturday, June 16, 2007

Preserving his legacy

As the most incompetent president ever:
Yesterday, the House passed a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security, despite President Bush’s veto threat. The White House objects to a provision that would require DHS contractors to “pay their employees at least the local prevailing wage.” It also “funds the hiring of 3,000 new border patrol agents, rejects the cuts President Bush sought in the training and equipping of first responders, and improves aviation and port security.”
Trillions wasted in Iraq, wheelbarrels full of money unaccounted for ..... but make contractors pay the local prevailing wage? More guards for border patrol? No cuts for first responders? Improvements for aviation and port security?

Georgie is going to veto this???

He may try to smirk his way through the last two years draped in American flags, but he will still be a miserable failure.

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Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Just wanted you to know I drop by regularly, but can't always think of something to say to acknowledge how interesting your posts are. You find a unique twist on lots of the current issues.

I appreciate your efforts and good work.

ellroon said...

Visits appreciated! Blogging is wonderful therapy!

Steve Bates said...

"Blogging is wonderful therapy!" - ellroon

ellroon, I am so glad to see you say that. I stand in awe of what you manage to do, day in, day out. Your site is among those at the top of my list to check every day, and I always learn something. If I haven't said "thank you" lately, it's about time I did so: Thank you.

ellroon said...

OMG, Steve! You were the one putting up with my ranting comments and encouraging me to blog long before I was brave enough!

Thank you!