Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lieberman explains

About what exactly, I'm not sure. Something about his declaration of war with Iran. Do you think he's getting just a little bit of heat?

Greg Sargent at TPM Cafe:
Lieberman addressed the question of whether the military is strapped:

"We have a mighty military."

He sought to reassure his listeners that he doesn't envision all-out war with Iran:

"I'm not talking about any massive land invasion of Iraq. I'm not talking about any bombing of civilian areas."

He addressed the question of whether hostilities with Iran might have adverse consequences (our favorite):

"So what I'm saying is, if we knock out a base of theirs, if we have to do that, at which they're training these terrorists, yes, they may respond. But look, they're already on the move against us, and they're killing people as a result of it. I hope this is not necessary."


Unknown said...

You need to check out the accuracy of the May 15th Prophecy in regards to what is happing in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria and the return of the Hidden Imam

Steve Bates said...

Please remove all inessential headgear before entering this site: skullcaps, miters, turbans, tinfoil hats, etc. Repeat: all headgear must be Left Behind. This site is a not-for-prophet operation.

Anonymous said...

I am of the opinion if we simply staged an intervention and convinced Joe to start taking the appropriate medication he would be fine :}

Enjoy your blog would like to place it on my blogroll,civility requires I ask first

ellroon said...

Hahaha!! Not-for-prophet, indeed. Well done, Steve!

Thank you, Leon, for your concern, but I have no desire to be shot up into the sky. I'm going to hang out with wonderful people like Steve which will be delightful.

False prophets, signs and wonders etc. Thanks anyway.

ellroon said...

P.S. Burton, you are more than welcome and thank you for such politeness.

Off to check your blog.

ellroon said...

Blogrolled you, Burton.