Sunday, December 23, 2007

'Tis the season to be tasered

Fa la la la la la ow ow ow...

Digby of Hullabaloo quoting The Daytona Beach News:
Can running your mouth off at a police officer during a confrontation in a crowded store get you blasted with a Taser?

It happened last month when a Daytona Beach police officer stunned a yoga instructor. The officer used her Taser when the teacher refused to pipe down inside the Best Buy store on West International Speedway Boulevard.
Sounds ok until you read further.

The interaction with the police was less than one minute from start to tasering....

And then there is this: (my bold)
A News-Journal review of all Taser incidents by Daytona Beach police in November shows officers used the weapons 10 times. Beeland's was the only incident that did not involve violence or a fleeing criminal suspect.

Officials with the ACLU and Amnesty International USA say other tactics should have been used, especially because Beeland was not acting violently or threatening the officer in any way.

"In my view, a Taser should be used only as an alternative to a gun," said Glenn Katon, director of the Central Region of the ACLU in Orlando. "Is yelling (at an officer) enough resistance to cause someone to be Tasered?

"People are getting killed with Tasers," he said.
Taser use has become so commonplace, Katon said, that officers no longer employ other training tactics they've learned to subdue people.

"I certainly don't want to see an officer get hurt, but a cop should have enough training to be able to use something other than a Taser to calm someone down," Katon said.
It's so quick just to taser somebody into submission and then figure out what the problem is. Why on earth do police need any training at all?


Could it be this policewoman went to the Blackwater camp for training?


Steve Bates said...

An attitude toward Tasers of "it's not lethal; I can use it anytime" is becoming distressingly common among a scant few police officers. Most police know better and act better, but it takes only one percent or so behaving irrationally in response to unpleasant people to result in Taser deaths. As is the case with so many lethal weapons, with Tasers, the weapon itself is most definitely part of the problem.

mapaghimagsik said...

Its kinda neat how we're the hip, happening police state.

"Don't tase me, bro!"

Anonymous said...

This is beyond reckless. There is an obvious failure in the training system. This officer didn't even attempt to control the situation, but escalated to the deadly force level almost immediately.

It is a given that the angriest people you will face with any regularity on the job are the innocent. They are filled with righteous indignation for being questioned.

You deal with people using the pyramid of force, and that Taser was fired before verbal force was really attempted.

There needs to be a current psych evaluation on that officer. She displayed a massive over-reaction.

[OT: Have a Merry Christmas by avoiding my state.]

ellroon said...

DarkBlack has a wonderfully appropriate picture.