Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Huckabee's twenty best

Questionable actions:
The authentic, charismatic former minister, they say, is swaying disheartened conservative voters, especially the legions of evangelicals in Iowa and other states, disillusioned with President Bush and unimpressed with his potential successors. But despite emerging stories from his checkered past such as the Wayne Dumond affair or his past AIDS bigotry, a true portrait of Mike Huckabee as a radical reactionary and dangerous extremist has yet to be painted.
The first ten.

The next ten

Folksy and personable we've had for seven years and now only 28% of the citizens wants to have a beer with Georgie. Have we learned the lesson yet or will this obviously extremist thin-skinned religious fanatic get to present himself as just another good old boy?

Update 12/19: OMG! Jeff Fecke of Shakesville has a wonderful spectrum of aberrant behaviors to help us understand Mike Huckabee better.

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