Monday, December 24, 2007

Our Gropenator is going to sue!

(CNN)-- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to sue the federal government over its decision not to allow a California plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he announced Thursday.

Environmental Protection Agency chief Stephen Johnson announced the decision Wednesday, refusing the state's request for a waiver that would have allowed it to cut emissions faster than a new federal plan the president signed into law Wednesday.

"It's another example of the administration's failure to treat global warming with the seriousness that it actually demands," the governor said at a news conference Thursday.

Bush on Thursday defended the decision of his EPA administrator.

"Is it more effective to let each state make a decision as to how to proceed in curbing greenhouse gases? Or is it more effective to have a national strategy?" he said.
(Bryan of Why Now? predicted this in comments.)

When the hell have you had any kind of nation strategery except to try and break the federal government, Georgie?



mapaghimagsik said...

Gropie has learned to listen to, as the spice girls said, "what they want, what they really really want"

I'm a bad person for using the spice girls as a reference, I know.

And I have left a christmas card for everyone at Left Toon Lane

ellroon said...

A really needed Christmas gift, map!

Anonymous said...

There is a national standard - California buys the most cars, California sets the standard. The 2007 Honda Civic my Mother just bought in Florida is rated ULEV [Ultra Low Emission Vehicle], a California standard.

If you sell cars, you want to sell them in California and you don't want to make one type for California and a different type for the rest of the country. That's why the Feds are trying to block this, because California sets the real standard.

Steve Bates said...

Your Gropenator is going to Sue? Poor Sue!

Great card, mapaghimagsik; thanks!

ellroon said...

Bryan, you know more about California law than I do! I really appreciate your overview on things, thanks!

And Steve, I think there's been a raft? .. horde?... boatload? of 'Sues' that hold grudges against our horny Gropenator. He's got an ... uh... interesting history... or is that herstory?

Steve Bates said...

ellroon, back when Ahnuld was first running, Jeanne of the blog Body and Soul was still in business, and through her, I learned all about the Gropenator. I may be one of the few Texans who rudely stuck his finger into the California governor's race, urging all my California friends to vote against him. There is real irony in the fact that of all the governors who might sue the Bushists, the Gropengrabber is the one who actually wants to do so. Still... my sympathies are with Sue.

I certainly miss Jeanne. Hers was a fine blog indeed.

ellroon said...

Truth is truth and facts are facts. You had every right trying to warn Californians what was coming. I still haven't forgiven Ahnold for letting the suit against Enron drop, the one that would have gotten back the funds they stole from California in the energy crunch.

But he's too liberal for some, having been tainted by Hollywood and having that weird accent and all... Even so, changing the Constitution so he could be president makes me laugh. Shudder too, but laugh.