Saturday, December 15, 2007

Apparently J. K. Rowling is a witch

Because she writes about wizards and witches and stuff so she must be one and it must be evil because witches are evildoers and must be burned or drowned or something....

Discussions found on the threads on Amazon discussing the sale of Rowling's The Tales of Beetle the Bard:
Gary Oates says:
Not that I have anything aganist witches, but I think now its fairly obvious that Rowling and her writings seem to be favoring a certain sect of paganism where she cleverly hides her beliefs and practices in a story where everyone can have a witchy, magical good time. There are several books that back me up available on this website stating that the Harry Potter books encourages kids to take an interest in witchcraft and a few even raises the possibility of real white magik spells in the Harry Potter books. The skull on this auctioned book and the drawings of several paganistic objects associated with witchcraft (including wizardry) only makes it more obvious. Just making a point to those who are confused about this whole issue... By the way, what is the difference between white and black magik when the power behind the both kinds of magik and their spells come from the same source?
I wonder what it feels like to be so benighted....


Anonymous said...

What does it take to explain to some people that "magick" isn't real, and Harry Potter is a work of fantasy fiction?

ellroon said...

Well... grabbing them by their collars and enunciating carefully into their faces the word: F I C T I O N doesn't seem to take.

Maybe if we started carrying wands and stood over prone brooms demanding that they fly would show magick isn't real.

Then again... maybe not.

mapaghimagsik said...

A wiiiitch!

Freaking scary people.

ellroon said...

I hex you with my evil eye! Oh.. wait... I defend myself against hexes with white chocolate magik! Or is that dark chocolate magickkk?

It get so confusing when it all comes from the same source.... SEE'S CANDY!!