Friday, December 28, 2007

Modifications of the truth about the assassination

Have already begun. Bhutto was shot then the assassin blew himself up. She was alive afterwards but died in hospital. She wasn't shot, the doctors found no bullet fragments. She hit her head on the sunroof of the car and that caused her death. Al Qaeda. Musharraf. ISI.

Pick and choose, mix and match. But listen to someone who was there.

Update: Josh Marshall of TPM cites several doctors giving their opinions.

Update: Larry Johnson's thoughts.

Update: What Digby said.

Update 12/29: DangerRoom lists the many people who wished Bhutto dead or benefited from it.


Distributorcap said...

didnt you hear
the crack Pakistani ISI has SOLVED the mystery

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan's government asserted Friday that al-Qaida was behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, and offered the transcript from a phone tap as proof. Hundreds of thousands mobbed her funeral as the army tried to quell rioting elsewhere that left 27 dead.

maybe we should hire them to solve the Natalie Holloway and Drew Peterson cases now.

ellroon said...

All this without an autopsy too! It's very impressive!

Bullet? What bullet?

Anonymous said...

Another perspective.

Steve Bates said...

Anybody here old enough to remember JFK's assassination? Actual facts about it were pretty hard to obtain. Why do I have the sense that in Bhutto's case, too, facts will continue to be scarce?

ellroon said...

JFK's assassination has been so clouded up by all the conspiracy theorists that we will never get the facts. That said, there was more than one shooter.

Bhutto's murder will be the same. Just look at the official announcements coming from Musharraf and the police.

Why did Musharraf pull off police from her security detail? Why would Bhutto go to the effort of a posthumous accusatory letter pointing at Musharraf?

Why did the United States think that cramming Bhutto into the Musharraf government would work, anyway? Is this the kind of sloppy work you get when you fire all the diplomats and you send in your cronies?

Anonymous said...

We could argue about the details which do not matter, or we could just acknowledge the plain fact that Musharaf had her assassinated either by directly ordering or enabling the hit.

ellroon said...

Bryan of Why Now? has a different take. He believes that there was really no benefit to Musharraf with this assassination. He could have blocked her as he did Sharif or sent her into exile.

What staggers me is that putting Bhutto back into the fray in Pakistan seems to have been Condi Rice's doing.

Juan Cole of Informed Consent:
The NYT reported that US Secretary of State Condi Rice tried to fix Musharraf's subsequent dwindling legitimacy by arranging for Benazir to return to Pakistan to run for prime minister, with Musharraf agreeing to resign from the military and become a civilian president. When the supreme court seemed likely to interfere with his remaining president, he arrested the justices, dismissed them, and replaced them with more pliant jurists. This move threatened to scuttle the Rice Plan, since Benazir now faced the prospect of serving a dictator as his grand vizier, rather than being a proper prime minister.

With Benazir's assassination, the Rice Plan is in tatters and Bush administration policy toward Pakistan and Afghanistan is tottering.

Here's another fine mess the loyal Bushies have made for us.