Thursday, December 20, 2007

He's totally clear, you understand me?

His table is getting heaped with stuff being left on it, too:

Washington, DC (AHN)-President Bush delivered a year-end news conference on Thursday, speaking for just under an hour but touching upon a host of issues, including the economy, the environment and new sustainable energy policies, Middle East security, and the upcoming 2008 presidential elections, which he predicted would be won by the Republican party.

Bush's appearance came a few hours after Congress wrapped up its work for the year and headed home for the holidays. During the press conference, Bush discussed 2007 legislative achievements such as the recent energy bill, but also chastised Congress for its failure to pass a number of important bills, including a permanent fix to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

When asked his opinion on the CIA tape destruction case, President Bush said he would reserve judgment until the CIA, Justice Department, and congressional oversight committees completed its investigation into the matter. He also insisted that he had no knowledge of either the existence or destruction of the tapes until he was briefed CIA Director Michael Hayden earlier this month.

"Sounds pretty clear to me when I say I have -- the first recollection is when Mike Hayden briefed me. That's pretty clear," Bush said, adding that ongoing investigations, "coupled with oversight provided by the Congress, will end up enabling us all to find out what has happened."

Right. When is someone going to be brave enough to ask him if he's seen any of the tapes?

Check the back of your sock drawer, Georgie.


Sorghum Crow said...

As painful as it was, I listened. I could just about hear him stamping his tiny little foot, and saying, "Ah don't remember, and you can't make me. Heheheheheh."

ellroon said...

He can't use 'Ah wuz out of the loop' because his Dad used that one already...