Monday, December 24, 2007

Georgie wishes all them poor folk's kids

A bah humbug:


Washington, D.C. (AHN) - President George Bush went forward with a rule on Friday that removed administrative and costs for low-income, special education students from being reimbursed through Medicaid, despite strong opposition from lawmakers and school boards nationwide.

The new rule issued by the White House would save the federal government an estimated $3.6 billion over the next five years by limiting costs states are allowed to reimburse under Medicaid to medical services such as physical therapy and medicines for immunizations. Administrative costs, such as those for transporting handicapped students, will no longer be covered.

Federal auditors this year said Medicaid, a health program for low-income families and people with disabilities that is jointly funded by the federal government and states, was overbilled by states for services between 2002 and 2004.

The review in Maryland concluded that schools had overbilled the federal government by $32.8 million on costs that were educational and not medical. States have questioned the findings, saying the methodology of the review was flawed.

The National School Board Association (NSBA) has argued that the rule would cause schools to lose millions worth of Medicaid reimbursements for services that are: "Critically important for ensuring that schools are able to link children to eligible medical services, identify students who may need medical screening and evaluations, and work with the community to provide referral services for children and their families."

It's nice to have a clear illustration about what a compassionate conservative is.


Steve Bates said...

Thanks for posting the Scrooge movie link. I just watched the whole thing... all nine YouTube segments... and it really seems like Christmas to me now. Merry Christmas, ellroon, from an old UU made maudlin by a 19th-century tale!

Now if those spirits are unemployed tonight, I can suggest a mission for them...

ellroon said...

I am weirdly comforted by the thought that when Georgie and Unka Dick die they will face the hordes of souls they tortured in life...

And will spend an eternity attempting to explain themselves.

ellroon said...

Lol, map! That is true.

Maybe all the neocons should just be locked in a room like Sartre's Huis Clos, and have to interact with each other for eternity.

Distributorcap said...

when george jumps off the bridge in "Its A Wonderful Bushlife" clarence -- PLEASE DONT SAVE HIM

ellroon said...

Clarence, having lost his job and his wings because of outsourcing and downsizing, would push him.