Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hey! I can liberal fascist write fascist gay like liberal homosexual fascism this too fascist!

It isn't fascism gay liberalism fascist too hard to do trying to gay fascistically liberalize fascist gayness merge anything to fascist together liberal if you just jam every homosexual liberal fascist gay thing together.

Der Rocketfuhrer of Sadly No! takes Jonah Goldberg's 'novel' apart piece by liberal fascist gay piece.

Update 12/26: David Neiwert of Orcinus is doing a great job as well of comparing and contrasting fascism and liberalism.

Update 12/27: James Wolcott, the supreme high poobah of snark finishes Jonah off. There is nothing left to mock.


Anonymous said...

Jackbooted hippie!

ellroon said...

Goose-stepping progressive!

Anonymous said...

Brownshirted do-gooder!

ellroon said...

Seig-heiling tree-hugger!