Monday, December 17, 2007

There's an endless supply

The top ten ethics scandals from CREW, via Think Progress:

No new enforcement mechanisms for congressional ethics;

Ted Stevens still sitting on Senate Appropriations;

Senate Ethics Committee looking into Sen. Craig, but not Sen. Vitter;

Millions of missing White House emails still unaccounted for;

Rep. Murtha’s abuse of the earmarking process remains unchecked;

Lurita Doan remains chief of GSA despite illegal conduct;

White House covering up its role in the firings of the U.S. Attorneys;

No Child Left Behind funds directed to Bush fundraisers who provide inadequate reading materials for kids;

Court decision regarding search of Jefferson’s office limits ability of DOJ to investigate other corrupt lawmakers; and

FEMA knowingly let Katrina victims live in hazardous trailers

And then there's the top ten idiots for the week.


That guy said...

I can't even keep track any more. I tried compiling a complete list of Bush Admin scandals, but I gave up at about thirty.

ellroon said...

And they will all come to the fore with the Democratic president.

We need to start discussions of EVERY SINGLE SCANDAL with the words 'George Bush's [insert scandal # here].