Thursday, November 20, 2008

No birth control pills for you!

I just don't like your face!

And something that Hecate said in the Eschaton threads a few days ago:
Criminalizing abortion doesn't prevent abortion. Women have abortions even when they're (as they used to be) illegal. They have them in alleys at the hands of hacks, but they have them. There are things that have been empirically shown to reduce the incidence of abortion. Those things also tend to empower women and encourage the use of birth control: things that are anethma to the fundies. So year after year they support a step that won't prevent abortions (criminalization) and won't support things that would prevent abortions (education for girls, real sex ed, affordable, safe, and effective birth control, equal pay for women, medical care for women and children and free, safe, and educational day care.

When people spend years saying they have one goal but act to achieve something that won't result in their stated goal and ignore steps that would result in their stated goal, it's pretty clear that they really have another agenda that they're just not willing to admit in public for fear most Americans would reject it.


Brady Bonk said...

"Criminalizing abortion doesn't prevent abortion. Women have abortions even when they're (as they used to be) illegal."

I've been arguing this for a long time. People act as if abortion was invented in 1970. Have they not heard of the long lost Bible passage that has Eve throwing herself down a flight of stairs?

You're absolutely right. These folks are not actually interested in halting abortions. Not really. Safe, Legal, and RARE. This is the mantra of those of us who actually want to fix it.

ellroon said...

The fact they don't support finding a really effective birth control which would prevent abortions in the first place is also mind boggling.

It should be the first thing on their list.