Monday, November 03, 2008

Clearly just in time to disrupt the election!

The animals make their move:

ATLANTA – A Delta baggage worker got a bit of a fright the day before Halloween when she opened the door of a cargo bin to find a live cheetah running loose inside.

Delta spokeswoman Betsy Talton said Friday that two cheetahs were being transported in the cargo area of a passenger flight from Portland, Ore. to Atlanta Thursday when one escaped from its cage.

Talton said the airline contacted Zoo Atlanta, which quickly sent help. She said zoo staff tranquilized the animals and took them to the zoo, where they were still being held Friday afternoon.

Talton said the airline was working with the owner of the cheetahs to get the big cats back to them. She declined to identify the owners, citing customer privacy rules.

Talton said the cheetah did not damage any luggage.

But I've been warning you, it's the squirrels you need to keep an eye on:
Richmond, VA (AHN) - Curiosity killed the squirrel and left thousands of Richmond, Virginia residents without power for several hours.

A squirrel reportedly caused a short circuit in an electrical substation, leaving a large area of downtown Richmond without electricity on Friday from 9 a.m. until early afternoon. Crews making repairs to the facility have to shut down a second substation.

Some 6,000 customers of Dominion Virginia Power were affected by the outage. Areas affected included a significant stretch downtown, which disabled traffic lights at several major intersections.

People were stuck in elevators in several buildings, including on Virginia Commonwealth University's main academic campus. Businesses and commercial establishments were forced to close.

When you know the vote will be affected because the economy is really going to the dogs:
BERLIN (Reuters) - A soup kitchen exclusively for dogs has opened its doors in Berlin providing pets of the homeless and unemployed with a free meal, the director of the establishment said on Friday.

Despite the looming financial crisis, director Claudia Hollm dismissed criticism that it may be more sensible to collect money for humans than for dogs.

"Nowadays people underestimate dogs. They are incredibly important for those who lack social contact with other humans," Hollm told Reuters.

"Making sure dogs don't go hungry is just as important as making sure that people don't starve," she added.


Steve Bates said...

Great combination of stories, ellroon. But I don't understand why the cargo handler was even slightly worried: surely she knows that cheetahs never win...

ellroon said...

But pumas can beat you to death with their handbags..