Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The best sentence ever explaining why McCain lost.

August J. Pollak: (my bold)

There is going to be a lot of talk about why McCain lost, and I think that's really stupid, because just like the media spending ten hours going over a five-minute revelation, they are likewise going to spend weeks debating an answer that anyone with half a brain cell could tell you- because he pissed away everything he pretended he stood for to have a mentally imbalanced and intellectually defunct pseudo-Christian fundamentalist with a passion for petty grudges and murdering large mammals as his running mate as part of an escalating campaign of fear and racism.

I guarantee you, there will be a painfully large amount of opinions now that this is over using the phrase "I feel sorry for McCain." I don't. He deserves this and he knows it. The last few months of his campaign were evil, and tonight, by an overwhelming margin, we defeated it. We bashed evil in its skull and left it for dead.


jj said...

That is so right, ellroon.

I sometimes have to force myself not to feel bad for McCain, because a few years ago, I actually liked the guy (for a conservative).

Whenever I feel that creeping sympathy, as I did the other night when he was giving his concession speech, I think back on the kind of campaign he ran. Nobody forced him to allow Palin to whip up racial hatred at her rallies. Nobody held a gun to his head while he insinuated that Obama was a "terrorist sympathizer". Those air quotes he used when he said "health of the mother" came from the heart.

I'll save my sympathy for the people he's fooled into believing he was a decent, moderate conservative when he was just as much of a craven opportunist as Bush.

ellroon said...

There was a lengthy story being told about his deliberate sabotaging of his state's new female governor (think I've got the facts straight) which showed he was a expert backstabber and liar. He can be as ugly as Rove when he wants to be.

Anonymous said...

He ran a shitty campaign.

And he picked a fundie nutjob idiot for a running mate.

Terry C - Got My Country Back!

ellroon said...

Actually, it sounds like since he couldn't have Lieberman, Karl Rove chose Palin because Bill Kristol really liked her.

The Straight Talk Express immediately veered hard to the right when McCain let those guys in.