Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Department of Peace

From an email sent to me:
Dear DoP supporters,

I have an action item I'd like to ask your participation in. As most of you know, I have been working with a group of students from West Linn High School who wanted to take a resolution in support of the Dept. of Peace legislation to their city council. On Monday, Nov. 10th, they successfully presented their testimony and supporting arguments to the council. By unanimous vote, the council passed their resolution that night! West Linn became the fourth Oregon city to do so; joining Lincoln City, Corvallis, and Portland.

We have the chance to get President-elect Obama's transition team's ear right now. They are asking for public feedback on their website.

One of our supporters, Rhonda Case, came up with an idea that I think is a good one. What if we all sent a personal message to the transition team with the same subject line, "Students Promote a Dept. of Peace in Oregon" on the same day? If there were enough of us, we could very easily catch their attention and shift some of their focus onto this important issue.

Since youth were a powerful constituent in Barack Obama's success, we could use the example of our own West Linn High School student's success garnering their local government's support of the legislation, as a lead-in for our own reasons why we support it and why the new president should as well.

Below are links to the West Linn Tidings newspaper article (you can forward the link with your message) about the students as well as the Obama transition team's website where they are taking input from the public (you can also access this from the Peace Alliance website,

Please join me this Wednesday, November 19th in sending a message to Barack Obama! Together, we can make a difference…YES WE CAN!

Thank you!

Ken Bryan

Volunteer Organizer

Dept. of Peace Campaign, OR
Update: Another way is to just send a postcard.


Sorghum Crow said...

Nice. A friend of mind did his student teaching at West Linn.

ellroon said...

Amazing how interconnected we are, isn't it? Hope your friend stayed in teaching.