Friday, November 28, 2008

Buy Nothing Day

Respect the planet, consume less, feel better. (Feel sorry for the WalMart employee trampled to death by shoppers.)


Update: Steve Bates of The Yellow Doggerel Democrat defines Black Friday.

Update 11/29: Bryan of Why Now? on the gun fight at Toys R Us and why we have this frantic need to overwhelm our kids with crap.

Update 12/1: Bill Moyers talks to Michael Pollan about food, food quality, being aware where your food comes from, eating local.


Steve Bates said...

Indeed I bought nothing today, because I didn't leave home today... in fear of my life! Stella had to work today, but made it home safely.

I don't like the idea that as a nation we are, ahem, suffering from consumption. But I don't know how I can reduce the tiny amount I consume much more than I already have. Somehow we have to persuade other people to take up the slack.

I hope you saw Bill Moyers' Journal tonight. He interviewed Michael Pollan. Look it up on; it's a must-see.

ellroon said...

Thanks, Steve. My husband DDR'd it so we'll watch it later.

Our whole economy runs on us wanting more, something better, something faster. Will everything collapse if we stop and ask if we need this? And then decide not to buy it?

Clicked your weather link to see why you're in fear for your life... Thunderstorms? Lightning strikes? Stay dry and safe!

Steve Bates said...

"... why you're in fear for your life... Thunderstorms? ..."

No, ellroon, I was afraid of Black Friday shoppers. Bryan at Why Now? wrote about another violent incident, two guys with handguns in a Toys-R-Us store. American shoppers have gone full-blown batsh!t crazy!

For people who lack digital whatchamacallit recorders, usually has each Bill Moyers Journal segment sometime after it is shown on the air. Do a site-specific google if there's no direct link from the main page.

ellroon said...

Watched the show last night. (Will edit to include in post). My sister took my order for fresh vegetables for the farmer's market she goes to this morning.

Gotta work harder to make my family's food safer.

And who the hell goes shopping with guns? Is there that kind of shortage of Tickle-Me Elmo dolls? Off to read Bryan.