Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President Barack Hussein Obama

Just wanted to see it in print.



jj said...

Congratulations!!! We are over the moon up here!! Ya done good, Amurrica!

*happy dance*

ellroon said...

I keep on trying not to cry. What a repudiation of the McCain Palin ticket, the 9/11 era, the Bush years, the neocon dream.

I know we're going to get pissed off at President Obama. I'm sure he will turn right around and put some Republicans on his staff. I know he will decide some things that are too far to 'the right'.

But we're going to pitch in and help, for the man inspires us to do great things as a country. (And not just to go shopping.)

jj said...

Don't hold back, kiddo, I bawled my eyes out on Tuesday night and I'm Canadian!!!

Sure, Obama will do things people don't like... he's not a miracle worker. The difference is accountability and re-engagement of the people in the process, so you can keep his feet to the fire. It's like taking your country back from a dictatorship, and you guys made it happen!! W00T!

ellroon said...

I can't get over the pictures of people dancing and celebrating all over the world. Sure didn't do that with Bush, did we?