Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Dish Washing Day!

After the pies and the turkey and the stuffing and the whipped cream and the peas, cranberry jelly, mashed potatoes and yams..... The grand ritualistic tradition of dipping each plate in soap and water!

Actually I am thankful my family and I have enough to eat. We have a house. We are safe. As Americans, we can gather in groups without fearing that suicide bombers are in our midst. We do not have a war going on outside our walls. We know we do not have depleted uranium and unexploded bombs lurking. We can sleep safely in our neighborhoods, trust our water system, electricity, sewer, food supply, trash pick up will continue to deliver the services we expect. We have so much that we can waste it without troubling our minds, we can just buy a new whatever it was whenever we want it. How much of the world cannot?

I am grateful I have had a comfortable life. I do not mind being slightly less comfortable to let others gain a bit more comfort themselves...

This year for Christmas, we agreed we'd only give gifts to the kids. No adults. We don't need that much, and what we do want, we get for ourselves throughout the year. We do not have to keep thoughtlessly buying and consuming, being told we need the latest and the greatest now now now.

Less is better.

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