Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Excellent article about Trump's attacks on women

By Josh Marshall:

This is the ultimate gendered election. As Frank Foer explained in March, denigrating attacks on women are the one consistent theme throughout Trump's entire public life. They're not tactical or opportunistic. They're part of his essence. What makes the general election contest more volatile and febrile is that not only is Trump basically the embodiment of 'dominance politics' and assertive violence. But Clinton, for all the toll the last two years has taken on her public popularity, is still seen as strong and a strong leader by a majority of the public. As I've written in similar contexts, when we look at the messaging of a national political campaign we should be listening to the score, not the libretto, which is, like in opera, often no more than a superficial gloss on the real story, mere wave action on the surface of a deep sea. You're missing the point in trying to make out the logic of Trump's attacks on Clinton. The attacks are the logic. He is trying to beat her by dominating her in the public sphere, brutalizing her, demonstrating that he can hurt her with impunity.

Update:  5/25 Readers respond.

Everything you don't want to know

About the Zika virus.

About how many people have died this year by police.

About Socky McSockface and Trump.

About Facebook scams.

About the bugs found in a sealed-off cave in Romania.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Makes me want to shop at Target more.

The crazy let loose in Target.  Strange that they don't realize trans people have been using the bathrooms of their choice for years and no incidents have been reported.  Now the GOP has fomented this idea to give to their hysterical frothing base, perverts are being caught trying to harass women in the bathroom, because God or something... kinda.

Update 5/17, proof.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

But what people believing the GOP hysteria about bathrooms haven't figured out...

Is that trans people have been using bathrooms of their choice for years. And nothing has happened, has it?