Sunday, November 09, 2008

Those who reasoned away what the Bush administration was doing

Enabled them to get away with war crimes:

Glenn Greenwald:
As the Bush administration comes to a close, one overarching question is this: how were the transgressions and abuses of the last eight years allowed to be unleashed with so little backlash and resistance? Just consider -- with no hyperbole -- what our Government, our country, has done. We systematically tortured people in our custody using techniques approved at the highest levels, many of whom died as a result. We created secret prisons -- "black site" gulags -- beyond the reach of international monitoring groups. We abducted and imprisoned even U.S. citizens and legal residents without any trial, holding them incommunicado and without even the right to access lawyers for years, while we tortured them to the point of insanity. We disappeared innocent people off the streets, sent them to countries where we knew they'd be tortured, and then closed off our courts to them once it was clear they had done nothing wrong. We adopted the very policies and techniques long considered to be the very definition of "war crimes".

Our Government turned the NSA apparatus inward -- something that was never supposed to happen -- spying on our conversations in secret and without warrants or oversight, all in violation of the law, and then, once revealed, acted to immunize the private-sector lawbreakers. And that's to say nothing about the hundreds of thousands of people we killed and the millions more we displaced with a war launched on false pretense. And on and on and on.

Prime responsibility for those actions may lie with the administration which implemented them and with the Congress that thereafter acquiesced to and even endorsed much of it, but it also lies with much of our opinion-making elite and expert class.
Exactly. Those who protested in horror and astonishment were belittled, mocked, silenced. Those who loved the United States and knew what was being undermined were shouted down and slandered with words of traitor, communist, terrorist, Nazi-sympathizer. The more the Bush administration did in shredding the Constitution, the more rabid their followers became. All the Republicans who marched in lock goose step are responsible for shielding the criminal activity that went on.

They own the Bush era and all the effects of it.

To try and excuse themselves now is pitiful and cowardly. And hilarious.

We got you on tape and in print, you bastards.

And the Nuremberg defense will not work.

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