Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why, when I listen to Abu Gonzales speak

I think of this guy?
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What hump?


Steve Bates said...

Awwww... is there really a need to insult Marty Feldman like that? :)

Well, OK; there is: "Mr. Gonzales, walk this way..."

(I confess it... at first I typed "Morty Feldman," who, though controversial in his own mild, compositionally static way, is even less similar to Gonzo than Marty Feldman.)

I believe that after Tuesday's session, they can nail AG AG for perjury. I am not thrilled that any AG can be so nailed, but not even Ashcroft was as deserving of such a fate as Gonzo is.

ellroon said...

Peter Lorre would have been a better comparison, but not many people connect his face to his voice.

Igor/Feldman is not really a toadie but I couldn't think of anyone who could talk as smarmily as Gonzales. He smirks as much as his boss.