Thursday, July 19, 2007

Can we pass a law for common sense?

Eight year old boy on terrorist no-fly list:
KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 19 An 8-year-old Kansas boy was denied boarding an aircraft in Cortez, Colo., because his name appeared on the U.S. terrorist no-fly list.

Bryan Moore showed up at the boarding counter for Great Lakes Airlines last week, and security was summoned when his name appeared on the list, The Kansas City (Mo.) Star reported Thursday.

Airline officials told the newspaper the boy, who is from Parker, a town of about 280 people in eastern Kansas, and his adult sister showed up just 20 minutes before the flight and there wasn't enough time to clear him to fly.

However, spokeswoman Carrie Harmon of the Transportation Security Administration said the ticket agent acted improperly.

"There are no children on any watch lists," Harmon told the newspaper. "If a child has a name similar to one on the list, the ticket agent is supposed to clear the child and immediately issue a boarding pass."

She said common names are on the list to ensure ticket agents verify the person's identity, the Star reported.
This is so representative of Bush's incompetence.

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