Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stuck in a political quagmire

Of their own making:

In his political report today, Robert Novak hints that other members of President Bush’s Cabinet would like to follow the example of VA Secretary Jim Nicholson and resign:

The sudden resignation by Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson came as a huge surprise in Washington. Nicholson says he is feeling his age at 70 years, and there are a number of cabinet members who would like to leave. He has no political plans.

Somehow I can't really feel sorry for them. They aided and abetted the Bush administration and did its dirty work willingly. Now the lid is ripped off and we get to see up close and personal how they prostituted themselves; how they turned their backs on the Constitution and the rule of law; how they helped break our country, our treaties, and our military; how they almost gave us a monarchy.

You guys can try and quit, resign and run away, but we have your names. We have proof of the work you did, the lies you enabled, the laws you broke.

And we won't forget.

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