Thursday, July 19, 2007

Just what is in our antiperspirant

That it helps deal with mosquito bites?:
ST. LOUIS, July 18 Mosquito bites may seem a part of summer, but if a person gets an insect bite, a U.S. expert advises using roll-on antiperspirant.
".. if you... get an itchy welt, dab a bit of roll-on antiperspirant directly on the bug bite and the itching will stop," Haller said in a statement.

"The aluminum salts in the antiperspirant help the body to reabsorb the fluid in the bug bite. The swelling goes down and the itching goes away."
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Okay, then. I was concerned it might be because the antiperspirant was made in China and bugs just died from being in your vicinity....


Steve Bates said...

If you're lucky and foresighted, you can prevent the bites using a natural substance common in many households. Back in 2001, the American Chemical Society announced that catnip is superior to any other mosquito repellent, even DEET. The link is to my rhymes on the subject.

ellroon said...

No WONDER your kitties love you guys!