Monday, July 16, 2007

Bursting in on meetings?

Is this new weird behavior? Or just the usual weird behavior?
Washington (AHN) - President Bush interrupted a meeting involving White House officials and GOP Leaders Monday night to tell them he did not plan on giving in when it came to keeping troops in Iraq.

Officials said they were shocked that he came into the meeting. According to reports, Bush was friendly yet adamant about his message.

The incident came the night before a Senate meeting discussing troops in Iraq, which Majority Leader Harry Reid threatened to be an all-nighter.

Reid is expecting a test vote Wednesday on an amendment that would begin troop withdrawals before the end of this year and have most of them pulled by spring 2008. The amendment was proposed by Michigan Sen. Carl Levin, and Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed.

"We're going to work on this amendment until we get an up or down vote on it," Reid said.

According to reports, the meeting on Wednesday will be complete with roll-away beds in case it really does go all night.

The meeting interrupted by the president was attended by White House representative Tony Snow and another White House communication staff member Ed Gillespie as well as republican leaders.


Steve Bates said...

A correction for AHN: that would be "Republican leaders," not "republican leaders. There is nothing remotely republican about today's Republican Party, especially its members of Congress, who seem intent on enabling a dictatorship.

Back on topic: What is it with Bush? Do they need to adjust his meds? Does he really think he can influence or intimidate his own party in this way? Does he think he needs to intimidate them?

A note to Mr. Bush: there are some (*ahem*) medications that do not combine well with alcohol...

(OT: the YDD site is down as I write this. Apparently there was a major power failure upstream, not at my host's physical location. They're working on it. Everything is fine here, except that I am very frustrated. I haven't checked, but Bryan's site will probably suffer the same outage.)

Steve Bates said...

(Sigh. Insert missing quote mark wherever you wish. At least it wasn't a wayward italics tag or some such...)

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